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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1 TON Steering - FINALLY DONE!

otk= over the knuckle
trf = tie rod flip
high steer, whatever you want to call it...

These are tapered inserts that I got from TMR in Oh! Canada!
There are similar ones from local dealers too. The shipping
to TX from Ontario was more than the inserts...
They are weld in type and require drilling a 1" hole in your steering arm.
I held the industrial drill steady while a buddy sprayed
 cutting oil on the bit to keep it cool.

The insert gets installed upside down to get the taper going the right direction.
Some companies require you to get a $80+ reamer and some mini inserts
to tap the existing hole. I dunno which way is better...

The adapter welded in and ground even with the arm.
weld all the way around

I hope I cut the right part!

Here's the chebby one ton steering y link.  The dom tubing still needs to be cut to length.  It weighs more than the axle.
I'm not kidding.
News:  I originally installed a jeep j10/ wagoneer  drop pitman arm with the same pitman arm rod end
 on the chebby steering box.
This has the same threads/ diameter (although not as long) as the chebby rod end that came with the kit, so I am going
to stick with it unless there is a problem.
The steering ratio from pitman arm length to steering knuckle length should be almost even again
so steering can be quick again like with the old scout arm :)

Delays, Delays: The Super Swampers barely rub against the new steering linkage. Just barely. So just for kicks I'm going to
get some 1" wheel spacers.
It needs a minimum of 3/8" clearance not to rub, but will get more.

Update Many months later... I got a superduty with low miles that needed a few things first to be a daily driver / tow rig (front axle gone through, all fluids $$$!! ya know.) so that took all the money and time from this project. The good news is that I have gotten some 1.25" wheel spacers for the jeep, eyeballed the alignment, welded up the steering, and everything is working and driving again.  
This is it with the body lifted (axle droop ) of about 4". 
At rest the pitman arm is a little lower than the cross tie rod.

Side note- I don't dislike wheel spacers- but if you use them, tighten them down- way down and
red Loctite them from loosening up.