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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

return of the axles from differential gear v1.2

The gears finally showed up at the shop after a 4 day delay by the shipper.
  I trekked back to North Fort Worth to the shop where Charlie showed me two set up axles sitting on the floor.  It was hard to figure that they were the same ones that were dropped off- damn things had gears in them.
Although to some people (myself included) $600 is quite a drop in the bucket, it is still "cheap" compared to some shops for setting up axles.  (that was for both axles setup , a few extra bearings, and seals. btw)  I had already bought a master setup kit for one of the axles.

 I had a quote from one shop, for one axle, for $600 just for labor!!
Since they were carry in they were cheaper than still on the vehicle.

I went over to them and rotated the gears, perfectly centered pattern.  When holding the ring gear
I could turn the pinion to a slight click sound without moving the ring.  good backlash, now for
some heavy gear oil.

I had them done at:

Differential Gear
2519 NE 36th
Fort Worth, Texas 76111

Ask for Charlie

the new 50/11 gears
in the rear with the
mini spool

The front
Total for rebuilt/regeared axles >$1K

Axles "free" (Even rebuilding a xfer case in swap for them, they ain't free!)
Wheel cylinders 50
spring perches 10
axle bearings 75
axle seals 30
gears 300
labor 475
master rebuild kit 110
paint 19
ball joints 100
And I'm sure something else will be needed.
The rear axle is assembled, ready to be stuffed in.  Needs a parking brake cable and new brake
lines on it.  Can be done in vehicle...
The front started going together- but the lower ball joints are keeping the steering knuckle from
seating- so waiting on scout brake hoses and lower ball joints. 
After that I'm STILL not sure if I want to leaf or coil spring it...

7-16  The parts were shipped on 7-5 and just arrived.  Anything Scout put one wrong number on the house address and the global giant UPS gets completely confused even after calling them 3 times.  Note to global giant- call my number that was on the package  to find out where to deliver it to ....duh.

The lower ball joints went in easier, much easier, than previous attempts.  The wrong size oreilly ones were about 1/2" taller than these and that's why part 41 wouldn't seat.  They came with zerks and a zerk plug, your choice luckily because the upper ball joints' zerk was too big to fit with the shaft in the axle.   so it got greased and got the plug.  The lower kept a zerk in it.

Make sure that before you start hastily putting the outer hub back together that the spindle seals are on first! (47,48,49) otherwise you'll be taking it back apart...really.

The only thing different about this diagram from the scout one is from part 55 would be the hub w/ brake rotor on it, then outer bearing w/ race, tabbed washer, large nut, thinner washer, large locknut, then warn hub assy.

The axle is back together, hubs are cleaned and ready to put them on.
need tie rod ends.  I'm going to have to make a decision by the time the rear end goes on
on what to do with the front -coils or move the springs outboard to match the axle.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

4.56 gears mini thread --progress???

 After the debacle of the non fitting gears, I have ordered 4.56 thick ring gears for the axles.
At 60 mph, the rpms w 36" tires should be 2750 now in 3rd and about 2000 in 4th. (700r4)
  I almost got 4.88 gears but 2950 rpm was too much for driving down the road to get anywhere.
Low crawl ratio should be 37:1- quite respectable for an est. 2700lb vehicle.
That is all for now.  God Bless America.

6-18-12 update
The gear set I've ordered showed up, well- one of them,  and was installed.
The setup guy called and said it went well, but he wanted to know how long
it would take to get the other set.  I called the ebay store and after sitting on hold
for a couple minutes, said "oh here it is." 
 (I'm thinking that some axles could've been in the garage right now- whatever) .  Hopefully it will be overnighted and I can get them by tomorrow night or Wednesday.

Monday, June 11, 2012

4.30 gears again WARNING DON"T DO IT!!!!


This IS a relief to me that I'm NOT crazy because I couldn't set up the gears.  The shops top
builder messed with it for hours and called dana corp direct.  It turns out dana built the 44 for isuzu, but to accomidate the thick gears it had a special carrier and housing.  Isuzus housing moves the pinion about 1/2" further away to compensate for the thick gears.

I'm estimating that this little factoid that the gear seller off of ebay ("yea it will work in all dana 44's") didn't disclose cost me about $400 in tools, gears, and unknown cost on time.

I'm on the hunt for some 4.56ish thick gears now.... otherwise new carriers are in order.
I'm also going to send dip**** on ebay a line to tell him he screwed me.

The 33mpg honda fit parts car to the rescue again. 
luckily I didn't get full size axles, because @54" long the housing "fit" in just right. rdrr.

If you have been looking through this blog at all, you'll notice that I started this major undertaking in March.
I found a couple shops in the metroplex that could set up an axle for the cost of the
tools to do it at home.  Unfortunately I already blew the money for the tools at home, and after
banging my head against these things for mucho hours trying to get them right,
I'll gladly pay an expert to do it.