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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hood and battery

After learning my lesson with the last project, I bought this battery new, closer to time of having a running vehicle rather than let it set for a year + while working on non electrical related stuff.
The 2007 wally world battery started hissing when charging so I got a bigger, 650CCA battery that filled up the battery tray.
The hood hinge was jacked up and wallered out so i couldn't get a good measurement
 of how much clearance was needed.  Someone had put in a rusty bolt where there was supposed to be a rivet
I ended removing that, and welding a bolt and nut in place - amazing, slop is almost gone. the dspo could have done
this little mod years ago...
OK- so the hood closes pretty good, but I found that with the wider battery under the hood, **typical jeep thing** the hood would close and now try to crush the battery (orange hashed area)  Instead of weakening the hood by chopping out the orange area, I shaved the ears off the battery tray and moved them up (thus moving the battery down) about 1 3/8"

power brakes v1.5 , 1.6, & 1.7

I finally got started on the brake booster mounting holes.
Jeep has an aluminum spacer from the booster, the two stock holes are fine- but
it's not as easy as drilling 2 more holes, the bottom 7:00 hole is fine,
the 1:00 hole ran smack into the back of the brake pedal support beam that runs from
the steering column/ dash support to the firewall. 
                         The support and pedal and wiper/washer motor had to come out so roughly 1" could be chopped
                        from the cross beam. (red area lower pic)
The waggy booster is huge compared to even a double diaphragm cj model.
(same part # as a lot of chevy full size vehicles)
I think its 10" dia and it puts the master cylinder outlets @ 13" and 16" from the firewall.
Chevy v8s have a hard vac line around the back side of the drivers valve cover that had to be bent down to clear the
booster, but there is still enough stock hose line to reach the vaccuum nipple.

A couple of good links about the basics.....

V 1.6                      The gigantic 1 1/8" master cylinder (84 waggy, a.k.a. chebby)
with the rear proportioning valve attatched. 
I'm putting on the valve because a: its necessary, and b: its cool looking
ok- more a than b. But it also reduces the line size to
the 3/16" line I have heading to the back brakes.

I went through a foot of brake line learning how to double flare
the line- I kinda got it down now. The tools will do this breakquip
easy bend tubing below with professional results, the stock
steel line above took several test runs.

Make sure your couplings are a: on before you start, and b: facing the right way.
The adapter to the Baer proportioning valve adapter:

The original rear brake line went up and over the axle crossmember , this was removed from the new one
so it wouldn't be a air bubble trap.  the rear axle lines were switched around to the
drivers side.

V1.7 The brakes are done! When the jeep got back from the
muffler shop I messed around with getting the rear brake line bent and installed.
While that was going on, the driver and rear seat got bolted in, and
with some major help, the power booster and master got installed.

On day 2 the brakes got bled and the vaccum inlet on the booster had to
be changed to match the chevy vaccuum line.
The brakes will hold against 1st gear in 4 low.

****Drove around the block , the rear brakes are touchy, the fronts are blah.
I took off the front drums, and adjusted the shoe adjusters out 20 turns.
It works a lot better.******

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

glovebox / computer dock

Heres the basic layout of the sheetmetal to replace the destroyed cardboard
glovebox.  It's as thick as the dash steel.
Its a galvenized piece that has been laying around in the garage for a couple years
so ...basically I'm recycling. 

bent and test fitted
the computer will be under the box and behind the blue area.

The original template mock-up
*safety warning - if you weld galvenized metal do it in a well vented area
It puts unpleasant gasses that will make you go stupid and kill you.*

I had some shipping foam for sound deadening that was
glued on.  The red dots are where the pre drilled screw
and bolt holes are.
Long lines are the slots for the glovebox lid adjustment.

The brains of the car.  It sure as hell isn't me.
I could have put the computer in the glovebox like everyone else, but Jeeps
aren't known as spacious vehicles and space is desperately needed. 

mounting strap bent up . 

I had to put the glovebox in and out at least 5 times to check and recheck
so the computer didn't hit anything

to insulate it from the rigors of vibrations, theres a small layer
of foam smushed inbetween it. 

Finished and installed. It misses the heater and blower by an inch at most.
The brains wires come out and go down the passenger side kick panel.
The hvac air intake drain tube was put back in under the computer.

on to the next issue....


Looky what I found.. factory AMC v8 emblems

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 The originals are strangely cool, but really weak. they're arched metal bent into a curve like a bow. I think if the back of it gets plated and welded, it will be more than strong enough.

I smacked the heck out of it with 3 lb hammers and got it straightened out, then ground the paint off.  The ends stick out further than the piddly built in wheel well flares, I'm considering trimming at the white lines and adding
a mounting plate at the middle arrow.

you can see how arched this is.  LOTS of room for a small winch though...

The front one is still in pretty good shape, the back one- not so much.
It had a 1969 draw tite that bolted to it and then to the rear crossmember
that got hit and screwed the bumper up.
 With this much overhang, a similar sized rectangular tube bumper w/ a
 2" receiver would work much better

Thursday, January 5, 2012

all it needs is...

After the wiring I was feeling a little saucy over having working everything
I decided to fire her up and make sure she still runs.

If I had brakes, I'd take it for a spin. The stock master cylinder came off in preparation for the new booster.

Long todo list: brakes, fix horn- it honks when the wheel turns, body and underbody armor, seat belts and mount seats, bumper and winch mount, exhaust w/ muffler, (I guess I'm just old) I don't know if the exhaust will go out back or to the driver side, new shock mounts for bigger shocks