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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hood and battery

After learning my lesson with the last project, I bought this battery new, closer to time of having a running vehicle rather than let it set for a year + while working on non electrical related stuff.
The 2007 wally world battery started hissing when charging so I got a bigger, 650CCA battery that filled up the battery tray.
The hood hinge was jacked up and wallered out so i couldn't get a good measurement
 of how much clearance was needed.  Someone had put in a rusty bolt where there was supposed to be a rivet
I ended removing that, and welding a bolt and nut in place - amazing, slop is almost gone. the dspo could have done
this little mod years ago...
OK- so the hood closes pretty good, but I found that with the wider battery under the hood, **typical jeep thing** the hood would close and now try to crush the battery (orange hashed area)  Instead of weakening the hood by chopping out the orange area, I shaved the ears off the battery tray and moved them up (thus moving the battery down) about 1 3/8"

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