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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 The originals are strangely cool, but really weak. they're arched metal bent into a curve like a bow. I think if the back of it gets plated and welded, it will be more than strong enough.

I smacked the heck out of it with 3 lb hammers and got it straightened out, then ground the paint off.  The ends stick out further than the piddly built in wheel well flares, I'm considering trimming at the white lines and adding
a mounting plate at the middle arrow.

you can see how arched this is.  LOTS of room for a small winch though...

The front one is still in pretty good shape, the back one- not so much.
It had a 1969 draw tite that bolted to it and then to the rear crossmember
that got hit and screwed the bumper up.
 With this much overhang, a similar sized rectangular tube bumper w/ a
 2" receiver would work much better

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