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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

glovebox / computer dock

Heres the basic layout of the sheetmetal to replace the destroyed cardboard
glovebox.  It's as thick as the dash steel.
Its a galvenized piece that has been laying around in the garage for a couple years
so ...basically I'm recycling. 

bent and test fitted
the computer will be under the box and behind the blue area.

The original template mock-up
*safety warning - if you weld galvenized metal do it in a well vented area
It puts unpleasant gasses that will make you go stupid and kill you.*

I had some shipping foam for sound deadening that was
glued on.  The red dots are where the pre drilled screw
and bolt holes are.
Long lines are the slots for the glovebox lid adjustment.

The brains of the car.  It sure as hell isn't me.
I could have put the computer in the glovebox like everyone else, but Jeeps
aren't known as spacious vehicles and space is desperately needed. 

mounting strap bent up . 

I had to put the glovebox in and out at least 5 times to check and recheck
so the computer didn't hit anything

to insulate it from the rigors of vibrations, theres a small layer
of foam smushed inbetween it. 

Finished and installed. It misses the heater and blower by an inch at most.
The brains wires come out and go down the passenger side kick panel.
The hvac air intake drain tube was put back in under the computer.

on to the next issue....

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