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Friday, April 15, 2011

Transfer case overhaul

  I got a transfer case (a 82 dana 300) with a 2.46 low range.  Great price (free) but it was in pieces.  My friend ordered this for the tail shaft and output housing to replace his.  After I got done with redoing his, I had a really fubar'd pile of parts. 
   I ordered a rebuild / overhaul kit for it that came with full bearings, intermediate gear thrust washers, and gaskets.

The yolk that came with it had bolts snapped off in it, plus it was the strap style yolk.  Why Dana/Spicer would ruin a excellent transfer case with these I have know idea.  If you've ever driven a early '80s CJ that had these, you know they are designed to fail.

The day started with stripping the case down to the case, cleaning and cleaning some more. 
The case got a spray of low gloss black, not just to match the engine, but to keep it from caking on dirt and oil.  (it'll seep a little bit of oil after it gets done)
Don't be afraid to use a propane torch to warm bearings etc. and grease to slide them over the shafts. After they are in place let them cool naturally.  Get a book or exploded diagram of the case to help with re assembly.
 Here's a good link:

First ( not sure if this was done in proper order) the shift shafts went into the front output aluminum piece with all the balls and springs in place.  Make sure the shafts are on the correct side and orientated so the shifter balls and springs are lined up.
The rear output gears went in loose without the shaft, then front output gears and shift forks went in.  There is a lot of wiggling to get the shift shaft through the forks.  The rear ouput shaft  went through the gears, getting bearings set on them, rear output tailshaft. Front input shaft, gears, and bearings. Intermediate gear and bearings. Then tighten down and seal all bolts and flanges.  Shift shaft thimbles and wait for the u-bolt yolks to come in. It's that easy... Right!

The completed dana 300.
upper left: input gear from tranny
upper right: aluminum rear output housing
in middle : gear with hole is the intermediate gear
lower left: front ouput

on the tera low kits- the gears get replaced with smaller gears with shallower tooth depth
and the inner shift rail has a grooved out section to clear the intermediate gear

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