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Friday, February 24, 2012

Exhaust v1.1

I, and the jeep are not welcomed back at the muffler shop.  JK,  forney muffler put on a KILLER exhaust on the jeep,  it stayed an extra 5 hours on the rack, but the exhaust is tight and almost completely in the frame.
Chase, the exhaust genius, said he's never had such a tight spot to work in.
 It has duals halfway down the pipe, then under the rear seat it goes through the muffler ,
over the axle and outside the rear drivers side frame.

The only problem with it being so tight is that the exhaust will have to be loosened
to get to the transmission shifter later.....

high and tight.  I could also snorkel it...
he left some extra pipe on so i could run it through the bumper

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