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Saturday, March 10, 2012

post incident assessment

Cleaned everything out of the commando after megarun. The jeep seems to be in very good condition considering being bounced all over in E. Texas.   Found dirt, tree branches, and that all the tools in back were bounced around so much that the came out of their cases. (including the winching kit and a 200 pc electrical connector kit.)
After 1/2 hr picking up parts, I was advised by the boss that the jeep needs bucket seats and a roll cage before it goes out with the family in it. 
Ok twist my arm.  I'll get on it after the rest of the repairs.
Still have axles (coil sprung front??), front shocks, driveshafts, POWER steering, trim bodywork, armor, seats, herculiner, and a cage.
The easiest coil front would be to make it like a land rover defender / early bronco with the coil buckets/ shock towers
and positioning arms off the frame. 
This guy hob-nailed one together in Norway:

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