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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

coil springs methinks & front end parts

Moog cc875 variable springs made in USA!!! Woot!
5.3" outer dia , 17" unloaded height, 12" loaded height
spring load 680# (around there) 136 in/lb rate (per specs)
I balanced my healthy 215lb. self on one of these and it compressed about an inch.
I figured the leaf springs had to come off anyway just to move them 1.5" to match the axle so why not coils?

These are variable rate (meaning that they start easy to compress then become harder the more they are compressed ) and designed for a ford windstar which happens to be 3400#.
The commando started off life with a 258 at 3020# (the chevy 350 is the same weight)
 at a 60% front and 40% rear weight distribution, I'm figuring about 1800#
on the front end, minus a 350# ish axle, and 200# of tires of unsprung weight = 
 roughly 1200# and both coils are 1360#  (680*2=1360#)
Thus, if I misjudged the weight of the jeep (it could never happen) or a winch was added,
 there's enough overage. 
8-19-12      I've got the brackets laid out on some 1/4" plate- just need to punch holes and cut them out.  In the meantime- I got overly serious and ordered some front end parts

Got a mix of dom bushings from barnes 4wd (hefty , no zerk options, but 1/2 to 5/8 of the price of some other places) 3" wide , can be chopped shorter if needed , 2" od.1.5 id dom, 1" od x 9/16 id inner sleeve.
The heims are roughstuff 1.25 x1" bore for the main lower link and 7/8 x 3/4 for the upper link.

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