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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feeling fuelish

Engines (just like the fire triangle) need three things to run.  Air, fuel, and a source of ignition.
Air- pretty much taken care of.
Source of ignition- not yet
Fuel- in the works

I started with the fuel since gm tbi's require about 15 psi to run properly.  I got a Walbro gsl392 pump for that.
Instead of the large and odd sized 2 ?/?" diameter commando tank filler I got a much more common cj7 tank with the 1" fill tube.
  The front tank mounting holes are the same position and diameter as stock, it just doesn't have the rear crossmember mount hole.
The plans are to make some rear corner gussets so it will be like the front mounts.  Then get some rubber donuts to isolate it from bumps.
Stock, ugly, poorly executed fuel filler.  How sad.

Stock, ugly, poorly, executed fuel filler hose.  How sad.

Here is the part of the reason I'm switching to the more common tank.
The filler hose is expensive and has a weird diameter and is cracked.
The vent hose comes clamped over a nipple off the filler hose and is also cracked.

Here is the new cj tank with new sender. The efi return line can go into the
little vent tubes on the right.

Old upper, 02 to 06 wrangler model lower.

They both have the same bend with the filler cap.  The only mod needed
is the ginormous vent hoop needs to be bent down to fit in the protective

What it will look like inside more or less.

Michealangelo couldn't have done a more perfect circle. (cause he didn't have a jigsaw)

The actual hole is 3/4" smaller all around than the filler surround.

The new vent tube bent down and spot welded to the original tab
This fill tube will fit to the new tank perfectly.  The vent tube will go to
the right side of the tank and the tank vent will be covered.

In case you can't read this:  it's mfg by Whittek, Chicago USA.
When things of this era were marked "Made in USA" it actually meant it!

Stock blah, drab, boring, original and exiting, new replacement!
Oooh.  Ahhh!
Note that the hole was cut foreward of the original filler hole so the filler will
fit in the interior protective doghouse.

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