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Monday, May 30, 2011

Engine mounts and more measuring

  Once the engine is in it had to be "leveled"  (chebbys need a nose up attitude  for proper engine oiling I was advised)
The banks were leveled and clearances were checked again.  Once its in move the driveshaft, steering, and anything else around to make sure it doesn't hit.  Move the distributor about an inch off the firewall ( luckily the jeep "engineers"  left a divot in the firewall for the oil pressure unit off the engine)
  The engine and transmission were wired into position where it was to be mounted and measurments were taken... again.
  Remember the 1" factory jeep offset from the factory?   Keep that in mind when mounting the new one!
Measure from the frame to the center of the engine mount hole on each side.. TWICE!
 We used DOM tubing and poly bushing mounts.
The finished drivers side mount (loosely bolted until the other side is put on)
note the steering shaft that rides just above the mount, the steering u joint clears the stock exhaust by 1"

Finished passenger side mount.

On to the engine wiring...(oof- luckily I went thru the wiring prior to planting the engine otherwise this would take weeks)
Whats left:
driveshafts (easy), clock transfer case ( relatively easy), bleed manual drum brakes (usually a thorn in my side) , maybe get power steering installed ( have to do something- there's bump steer going in and out of the garage), radiator and transmission cooler, and the exhausts aim a little at the frame rails.
 The chebby is only 50 lbs more than the AMC engine, puts out an extra 150 hp and 75 lb ft of torque.  This ought to be an interesting ride..

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