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Saturday, May 14, 2011

brakes and broken : (

The commando came with a box of brake shoes and cylinders that I hadn't looked into much due to the other issues.
The rear axle, except for the brake manifold block, was done!  New shoes and cylinders already installed.
The front passenger side brakes were done, so just a quick drivers front and it's all done right?
You know where this is going..... while testing the front hubs there was a lot of slop and some clanging before the pinion started moving
The swivel joints (axle u-joints) were original and had NO bearings left in them.

So disassembly begins

Remove the 6 bolts from the hub... the lock nut, ring and main 2 1/4?" nut to pull the hub off the spindle

Remove the backing plate and the spindle will fall off in your hands.
IN YOUR DREAMS! With a dead blow whack on all sides of the spindle and when it starts to separate use
a prying device of your choice to seperate it

38 years of contact.. 39 and it would have been chemically welded together.
Make sure to check the race of bearings in the spindle where the outer axle goes in.
One side was ok, the other was almost shot.
On to the swivel joints

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