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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Engine wiring and prep

Easier said than done.  From what I've read TBI engines need "4" wires to run. Wiring "kits" that eliminate all the unnecessary wires are $350 which also eat into the budget. (such that it is)

So with a wiring diagram and a couple hours I tore into the stock wiring harness to trace down what I read as necessary wiring.  The wiring labels are what the wires were coded off the computer plug.
 Another handy use is to keep the stock chebby underhood fusebox and wire more Jeep electrical stuff through it.  Thus ending the 38 year reign of inept wiring.

 The biggest pain of it was the firewall pass thru.  It's just a square plate that the wires pass through with a bunch of glue sealing out the elements.  They aren't organized or anything, so I had to use an ohm meter to check continuity.

I started tracing and marking everything from the computer side of the wiring.

I think I traced everything that's needed....

This is the diagram that was printed off and ran down.. its for a '95 tahoe, but almost everything matched.
There are a few extra unused circuits like rear window defroggers, but that can be used as extra lighting
or something like that.

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