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Monday, May 2, 2011

Under dash birds nest

To figure out where the lovely non stock wires go- there was some detective work.
A lot of wires were scabbed in, the new brake switch was installed so it didn't work, there are extra wires that went to ??
There is a 10 ga wire that comes through the firewall, hooks to a thermal fuse, BUT has power wires coming from the input side and the other side of the fuse to who knows what.

This is the slimmed down version of all the wiring sans turn signals.  It's amazing how easy it is to follow the wires when half a dozen brown wires are removed.

The wires for the right rear feed THROUGH the tailgate hinge and have been replaced with old tape and a prayer that it won't cook the wiring again. Again, multiple bumps with metal hitting wiring and poof! I beleive this is part of the under dash cooked wiring bonanza that happened. Why it didn't happen in the wires that come up the side of the jeep I dunno.
Here are the good wires from the passenger side light.  They were scabbed on to tiny replacement wires that had no business being on a electrical circuit.

 Amid the carnage under the hood I had noticed a red line that went back to the fuel tank from the charcoal cannister.  Here's the other end that hooks to a ? under a large box that is designed to take up space.  This is going away. Paper wasp nest and all....
Behind the box and gas vapor manager is how you take out the tail lights.  There are supposed to be 3 bolts even though the lower was broken off.  I cut a section of bolt and replaced the lower one so it can bolt on.

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