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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brake check, axle ratios, and seeing if I've got gas.

The 700r4 transmission got dropped off at the shop today.  Pleasently found out that it was already changed to a 30 spline input previously.  Its going to get a monster shell to keep the stock shell from blowing up.  The guy at the shop says they blow up from dropping from neutral or dropping in drive from reverse.  The example he had in the shop showed the splines broken off of the shell.  The original is a stamped piece of steel with a very thin piece where it went from the spline to the shell.   Going to get a converter, shell, and 11 vane pump if it doesn't have one already.

  Next I checked the parking brake cable.  It seems to pull the brakes, but is bound up on driver side.
I ended up jacking the rear up to check pads, cylinder etc.and was pleasently suprised that the rear pads and cylinders were already replaced. the driver side just needed cycling to loosen it up. yeha
 the axle ratio IS 3.73- could be better, but that is good for a set of 35s or flattened 37s w a V8.
The brake lines were cleaned and re mounted.  If I get time later the axle will be pulled and cleaned.

To get fuel injection the commando will need a good fuel tank with a return line.  A inline fuel pump will have to pull from near the tank thru hard line to the throttle body.
 On jeeps goofy attempt at controlling gas fumes the red tube and black tube start on the upper side of the tank ( this will be the return line location) and go into the cab(?) then back out to what was the charcoal filter up on the firewall. the rest of the gas tank lines are standard .

There are 3 bolts holding the gas tank on, two on the front and one in the back off a bracket.  The bracket in back had been hit and split the gas tank mount at some time.
The tank will have to be checked for leaks.

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