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Monday, May 2, 2011

Electrics and stuff.

It's pretty sad when people make fun of  English vehicle wiring, but the same year jeep has more wrong with it.
I had to cut most of the wiring harness from under the hood, just leaving lighting.
  In order to get to some of the stuff, it was easier to pull the control panel and guage(s)  to access the jacked up wiring harness that bubba repaired.
The silver thing is the light for the control panel

through the guage cluster showing the white defrost vents sans tubes and the factory cheesy fuse holders

Half of this crap is either cooked, or goes nowhere so out it goes

Whoever designed the commando came in on a monday after a wild weekend
this is the dash vent control cable that opens the vent on the cowling.
The cable is close enough to the windshield wiper arm that when the arm comes around
it barely hits it.
Add in several bumps and a bunch of years and you get:
 I lubed the cable and de-kinked it in one spot.  Heat shrink to the rescue!

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