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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

gas tank prep

I finally got off my keester and did something jeep related.
The gas tank has been staring at me for at least a month so I decided to measure and have it ready to mount in this giant gap behind the rear axle.

the gap

The front holes of the cj7 tank line up perfectly with the cj6 mounts.  The rear mount
is either make 2 more mounts, drill holes in the tank corners then bolt up, or add on a portion to
the tank so the original mount will work.

cj7 fuel inlet size is 1", vent is 3/4".  I am using a 5/16 fuel vent line to hook up to the
wrangler fuel filler so the vent was welded shut.

Not the best picture.. the rear crossmember used to stick out 2" more to the rear.
a 3 and 5# sledge fixed this.  It looks like someone tried to tow somebody out with the crossmember
instead of the tow hitch. It could still use a reinforced bar across it.
The original mount was unbent and will support the tank like this.

If you'll note- the rear tank mount that wasn't , now is.
(on the bottom of the picture with the rear mount bolted to it)
It's a 4" x 1.5" wide piece of sheetmetal that is thicker than both halves of the tank
it is welded under the tank lip so there is a lot of surface area to support the tank.

The tank ready to install.  The side vent tubes will be fuel injection return.
The tank , if hit, will be able to flex up on the mounts a little.
I'm planning on a skid plate for this to avoid dings and dents.

Update 8-11
The front lip needed a tiny trim to fit the stock mounts

El fuel pump.  Walbro min 15psi

The tank mounted.  With the body lift, its nice and tucked up.
I'll make a skidplate though....

From the back side.

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