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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chrome don't get you home... swampers, new wheels, and tcases.

Look familiar? Not a lot got done in the past month or so due due to this.


How many 36" swamper tires fit into a Honda Fit?
Is it
a:  1 tire
b: 4 + 1 mounted 31"  +3 rims
c: none
d: I can't find mud tires for my Honda

The answer is B!

I managed to score some almost new rims for cheap with center caps, so the tire pile took a trip.
4 36 x 12.5 x 15" super swampers, a 31" truck tire on one of the new rims and 3 rims in the passenger seat.
Truck!?  I don't need no steenking truck!!  The tire guy was impressed, he was wondering when the rest of
the circus was getting out of the car.

The original bling wheels.  Although straight and functional, not elegant.

This is at (according to my beat up air guage) 15 psi.
Probably closer to 20. 

They do rub on the leafs at full lock, something I'll have to get used to with narrow track axles.

The transfer case was pressed into position on the clocking ring about a half dozen times
making sure the front driveshaft won't eat the transmission pan. The yolk spins about 3/4" from the pan.
I'd have to mod the transmission pan to clock the xcase up one more click.
Right now the bottom of the dana 300 is even with the bottom of the stock crossmember.
If I leave it like this- the transfer case skidplate will be about a foot square to cover everything.

 barely bolted up and its still pretty flat

ants view

pic of the ford blue chevy 700r4 pan with the jeep transfer case

The red wire is power to the fuel pump whenever that happens.

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