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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rear lights

The following colored wires run to the rear lights-

White: gas sender gauge
Green: reverse ( power comes off of NSS on lower steering column, goes to both rear )
Blue: left turn and brake
Orange: right turn and brake
Yellow: running lights (goes to both rear lights, side marker lights, and liscense plate light)

The cluster of wires from near the parking brake, back to the left light housing was in great shape so new soldered connections to the light were installed since the originals were toast.
Jeeps original wiring harness to the right turn signal and liscense was probably good for the first 25,000 miles or 3 years
then it started decaying and shorting since it ran thru the tailgate hinges and the gate itself. (BTW the tailgate hinges are a pain to remove) 

The driver blue wire was working, but the contact snapped off, I'm just going to replace
the socket with an aftermarket one
so it works like the passenger side (below)

The rear housings are cast pot metal and need a goooood electrical ground to work. I guess jeep thought that
the 3 mounting bolts were adequate. Remember the more grounds the better? If not go back to the dash lights page and re read.
There is a ground wire under the lights that was replaced and ran to the new liscence plate
light and for the side marker lights and will also be ran to the housing studs.

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