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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oil simplicity

This shiny little piece goes in place of the stock
oil cooler that goes up to the radiator via hoses.
This is almost life size.
It bolts onto the block and the new filter screws onto it.

The hoses leak on the cooler after many years, and I don't need the extra junk in the
engine bay. $16 new off fleabay.

Where the orange filter is (PH5 Fram)
is where the old cooler adapter (below puking oil) was bolted up along with the oil filter.
You just remove the cooler, and bolt in the new adapter. 
The only other thing it needed was a pair of 5/16" -18 bolts
Note: The original oil cooler used a smaller filter than just a stock one.

No leaks, no drips....
next thing to do: finish rear lights, fix e -brake, &
see if it can move onto the driveway by itself.

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