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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dash lights and more wiring

Everything works better when its grounded.  Really.
 If crap on your vehicle doesn't work look for a bad ground. 
Example: The jeep wouldn't start the other day, and after digging through my problem checklist
I saw a spark from the ground wire on the engine block. A little wd40 and tightening the wire in a little
different position and presto!

I used the remaining guage lights to get the dash lit.  The ALT (alternator) light will be used
as a key "on" indicator. 
I think the gas, oil, and temp guages will be moved to a underdash pod.
They are originally ran off of a resistor on the back of the dash so- maybe something more reliable.

An auxillary power wire was ran coming from the fusebox to a 20A thermal
fuse that feeds the cigarette lighter (a power port to the younger generation)
and now the brake lights.

The horns have been installed, but the chevy horn relay in the fusebox is shot so they are silent for now.

The hi and lo beams, running lights, and hazards are working. (on the front side at least)
  Working on the turn signals now.

After the turn signals are worked out,  on to the rear lights.  The wiring in the body to the rear lights is intact luckily.
The wiring through the tailgate is shot - why they ran wires through a moving metal tube in the tailgate is beyond me.
Seems like its a recipie for disaster.  

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