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Monday, October 31, 2011

The how to guide for shortening a driveshaft

This is for the front shaft which is part time and I don't care about balancing it.

First off-  I measured the fully collapsed length then measured the fully extended
length, subtracted and divided by 3.  Why 3?  Why not.  I figured that with 1/3 of the
slip shaft hanging out at regular running setting that it would be strong enough.

The 1/3 is 1.5" from the weld nipple.  Thank goodness for nipples.

Stock length with the 1.5" extension was 39" center to center on u joints.

Which means after measuring the centerline ujoint cap at the differential to the 39" shaft length,
 I needed to take off 2 3/8" to make it the right length.
I thought these were solid due to the weight, but I was mistaken.

The yolk is press fitted and welded on.  The end of the stock tube was originally
 chamfered to make assembly a little easier.

The yolk got cut into some with the angle grinder, so it was filled in and
ground down to a roundish configuration.

I measured like in the pictures down below before seating it to weld.
Do this on a flat surface and check your  measurements twice.
Then weld away......

Quick after weld check...

It's actually even!


Paint it and insert ujoints. Then grease the heck out of it.  If you forget to grease it, you'll be replacing the joints again
within a week- trust me.

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