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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A few "concerns"

  The engine runs great BUT
  • There is a coolant leak where the rear heater hose adaptor was screwed too tight into the intake manifold, thus resulting in a crack.  **PIC BELOW**
  • The thread holes for the distributor cap are stripped on one side also.  may be able to re thread
  • There is an air leak on the back side of the throttle body that is making the engine run at 1300 rpms.  It drops to 800ish when sprayed down w/ wd40.  Either the MAP sensor tube or gasket area.
  • The alternator isn't charging
  • The starter croaked again too.
  •  The transmission cooling hose fitting is dripping when running and the rear tranny seal near the governor is dripping.  
  • This is starting to get expensive
On an upnote, I tried shifting the tranny manually and it seems willing though.
The guy down the street had a manifold , distributor, and tranny dust cap that I will use to fix the engine issues.
I have heard that 95-97 chevys had coolant leak issues back there from intake gaskets not sealing. So that will be a concern putting it back together.
I guess I need to work on shifting mechanism , rear driveshaft, and redoing brake lines so it can go on a trailer and get it back to the shop to replace the seal under warranty.

***Here is the cooling leak culprit. As soon as it was unscrewed, you hardly could tell there was a crack.

Here is the valley of the engine.  Really pretty clean considering the engine was supposed to have high double digit miles.
Every nut and bolt was put in place on the new intake so not to lose it.  This engine had intake work done before, the front and rear valley seals were replaced with rtv.  The white is paper towels to keep debris out of the heads.
Tomorrow, new intake!

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