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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Can I get a WOOT!

The intake went on w/new gaskets, distributor only had to be stabbed twice thanks to marking locations on it. 
  The new heater hose fitting had its bottom 3 threads lightly ground down in a tapered fashion, and I cut a notch in the threads to clean out the old fitting before putting it on w some industrial teflon tape.  No cracks this time.  I marked it to be able to be screwed in 4X instead of the 5X that they did on the old one. Unfortunately chebby cant bolt down a completed manifold because of parts in the way. So some stuff went in after torquing down. 
  BTW on the front and rear valley pan
make a rtv gasket on the block and let it set for 20-40 minutes, then put on the manifold w a light smearing of rtv on it.

After sitting 2 days I re checked all bolts , filled it with the antifreeze that just went in. (It was strained thru a filter. )
The engine started but was rough.  It turns out that #5 &7 wires were put on backwards.  A tiny twist on the distributor and
She started purring.  The rpms sat at around 700 instead of 1300.  All because of a $3 gasket. No leaks, No drips.  It's a good day.

The transmission is filled to capacity and shifts through the gears.  Onto the driveshaft and an exhaust.  And brakes.  And seats. And seat belts.  And skidplates.  And and and....

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