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Friday, October 28, 2011

driveshaft clearances

Rear one has 2.5" of travel and needs to be extended (unless I can get some DOM tubing a professional shop will do this)from full extension 2.5" to reach the transfer case.
The front one will be cut down and rewelded.   I almost stroked out on the front one trying to measure  it.  With the transfer case in and clocked the way I had the shifters mounted, the driveshaft yolk would contact the transmission pan. 
So before I started trying to rotate the transfer case, I put a spare u joint on the shaft and held it in place.  Almost straight out the shaft would rotate without any binding, as soon as the axle end was dropped down it came in contact with the tranny pan lip just outside the bolts. 
  I'll have to pull the tranny pan and shave off the 1/4" lip of the pan (hatched area)  to clear the yolk.

Since it is so close to the pan and aluminum part of the tranny,  it will receive a racing hoop coming off the crossmember that it will pass through to keep it from going thru the pan incase of a ujoint failure. (orange scribbly looking thing)

Update:  The pan is now silver.  And I removed the extra flange. 
The driveshaft is a scant millimeter from hitting when turning.

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