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Friday, October 21, 2011

Transfer case shifters

The original shifter was on a long tube that came from the dana 20 case. The new shifter will have independant sticks
like below.
before: the new sticks.

After: With everything hooked up and the case able to shift, the sticks, in middle position, are too far forward. They almost lay on the floor pan in full forward position.
  Either the sticks need to be bent back towards the rear or the mount needs to be shortened.

Note the classy shift pattern diagram taped next to it. (below)

I need to stay out of the upper right and lower left boxes to keep from blowing up axles, transfer case, driveshafts, etc....

Update 12-16-11 - got them mounted and angled towards the back so I don't knock knuckles on the cover plate.  They are both straight instead of angled. The left stick shifts easily, the right hi n lo stick takes some coercing, just needs a good breaking in I bet.

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