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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fixing and learning

I finally got off my keester and fixed the transmission crossmember so the rear isn't held up by a jack.
I initially dreaded fixing the crossmember because I'd have to weld a nut into the frame. Where the bolt in the picture is is the front original mounting position and the empty hole needed a nut.
When I got the wire wheel on the angle grinder to it, cleaned 38 years of grease, dirt, and undercoating,
 I found that Jeep was kind enough to put a threaded hole every 4 inches for a foot or so.  I guess this was for
the different configurations of the cj-6 and commando frame.  So it turned out to be a dirty job, but not a hard job.
I drilled a hole just behind the original one to make a slot.

The completed original crossmember cleaned and painted

Also got the 700R4 shifter to AMC adapter finished. The shiny part is newly created.
Now I don't have to crawl under anymore!

This,  THIS was giving me heartburn! I thought that the transmission was going to have to come out. 
I pulled the dana 300 (which I needed to do anyway) because there was a constant drip of tranny fluid coming out and dripping off the dana 300.
I called the guy that rebuilt it, and he said this area under the governor gear (green) is supposed to get some fluid into it to keep it lubed.  I hadn't put on a rear gasket to xfer case so that's why it leaked. whew!

While the transfer case was out I mapped the different shift positions since it doesn't have a shift interlock pill in it.
12&3 are the shaft positions, x= where the left and right shaft is respectively.
As you can see, the upper right and lower left  positions are BAD!
They would run one axle in low range and one in high range at the same time!

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