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Sunday, May 6, 2012

a post about almost nothing- now something

I've gotten nothing accomplished on the Jeep in the past month. I did add some fuel stabilizer and run it awhile though- it helped.

I'm also changing the fuel filter to a mid 90s grand cherokee inline model (designed for efi)
to see if that is why it stalls out at 3K rpm sometimes.
**update 6-1-12 the jeep now revs past 3K easily- a quick and easy $13 fix.  go me. The engine sounds more I dunno- solid. 

oh- and now the jeep is on the* 3rd* "lifetime" alternator from o reillys.
they work for awhile, then stop and have a super high pitched electrical hum until the battery charging wire is removed.   
I rewired the plug to the "I" post instead of the "L" post to see if this helps.  The directions say power to either one will work, but this may be the problem.

The exhaust collector gaskets that were put on with the new exhaust went south, and started warming
up the floorboards when running.  The exhaust gasket material burnt off when the exhaust got its workout at megarun.  So some copper mr gasket seals (sorry- just have the package) replaced them.
after snugging up the exhaust again, the jeep idled better- probably because the o2 sensor got  something to read instead of getting intermittant signals.

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