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Monday, March 4, 2013

what went wrong / right this year v1.1

Megarun was huge fun again.  Met up with friends and did trail runs Friday and Saturday morning before competitions. 
With the mods since last year- the commando went up and down stuff that was impassible last year.

This was the Friday night before shot..
Clydes ravine

This is the last 25' of the rock garden, everything went wrong
when it was thrown onto the drivers front wheel before coming
off the rocks.  Made it though...

This is the after the rock garden shot... slight alignment issue
Bent tie rods, bent rim, hurt the warn hub- didn't crack it- but couldn't pull dial off easily, snapped 3 ears off
axle shafts , snapped swivel joint and messed up lower ball joint.
1 hit on 1 rock in 1 wrong spot is all it takes.

This is the story of a trail that fell in with the wrong crowd- it used to be a fun suspension flexer
that everybody could enjoy-by the name of "twister" -then it went bad.
If you can't tell, the door handle is crushed and needs to be replaced.  Still works though.

No matter where I put armor, the rock would just jump out and hit somewhere else.
Out of the entire weekend theres this drivers side damage, and a, A SCRATCH on
the rock rail. humph!

This was our next door neighbor- and a fine example
of what the wheeling community does for its friends, and quite a deserving one at that.
helped him with this AWESOME wrap for his jeep, a year ago he had a heart
transplant and was advised to take it easy- fat chance!  This little cj5 went out and
mixed it up with the big boys easily!

I ordered chromemoly axle shafts and parts for the front, should be in next week.
Should last a little longer if I stay off the skinny pedal.....

I'm planning on getting the 1 ton cheby tie rod kit- its supposed to
be over the knuckle, and with the scouts steering arms so high now-
it'll either never get touched, or crush the frame on the first bump.


New axle shafts came in- usa standard brand.
The reason I'm not capitalizing usa is that it is
probably not made in the USA.  :(
From what I read, usa standard is yukon brand
that didn't go through "a final touch up or finishing procedure".
(polishing, standard control, etc...)
I have read that the same shafts with yukon
will accept CTM joints and these won't.
A:  I don't care- got some Spicers.......
B: CTM would cost as much as the shafts

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