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Thursday, April 4, 2013

super shafts?

I finally got off my keester and installed the new chromoly shafts.  The ears are much thicker
and compared to the original shafts that "clang" when set on the concrete, the new ones ring out a bit.
Sounds like the difference between bouncing a new quarter vs an older silver laden quarter.

The only cap left in still has the post of the ujoint stuck in it. 
Both of the u joints posts sheared off at the center body.
I still can't deduct if the ujoint let go first and screwed up the shaft
or the ear let go and let the cap come out, hit the bottom ball joint then
screwed up everything.
Anyone want to buy a slightly used axle shaft?

New shaft in.  I had no idea how easy it was
to put in the new u joints into a new set of shafts.
The new bottom ball joint is a Moog.  From now on
I'm replacing anything that breaks with Spicer or Moog parts.

Here are the new hubs.  They are the "premium" models.
I bet they weigh 3/4 the weight of the original hubs.
I wish I had gotten a picture of the outer dial,
the new ring (part with allen bolts) is hollow inside vs solid on the original.
Unless it gets hit it shouldn't matter though. It just has to keep a couple pounds
of spring pressure at bay.
The actual housing seems like the same design.
The old hub liked being assembled one way only to work, this
new one has a wave spring that doesn't seem to care how its aligned.
It turns smoothly and presses down the  toothed ring to engage the
axle shaft.

Shaft on the passenger side.
Note: remember to put the spindle seals and
washer onto the outer shaft otherwise
you will be removing and putting them in later.
Just saying.

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