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Sunday, February 16, 2014

pre 2014 megarun fix -brakes

In the spirit of Just Empty Every Pocket (jeep) I have been trying to make the commando where it can get road legal... ish The last item on the list was to install a parking brake cable. The jeep cable that was on the it was frayed and was removed during the axle rebuild. This is what I made the brackets for-

In prep of this the rear drums were removed. I noticed the parking cables in the drums were dangling and the brakes weren't extended. After looking at a diagram for 10 - 15 minutes to make sure everything is where its supposed to be, I had realized that the automatic screw adjusters were put in backwards (left to right) so everytime I hit the brakes in reverse the adjuster gave more slack to the brake system!
I reversed the adjusters and all is well. I put in the parking cable and prepared to hook everything up I had to cut the brake cable brackets off and move them behind the front mount of the rear springs where the frame starts to bend up, so when the axle droops there isn't a bind on them.
EXCEPT The new cable is 6" longer than the original. So off comes the t-case skidplate to move the parking brake front bracket, modify the length of that and when that was done, the cable rested against the flywheel- find flywheel cover and install. Not that easy. To install this, the left side exhaust that crosses over the flywheel had to come off, and the front driveshaft. Anyway a 40 minute job turned into 3 hours, but it is running again and has a parking brake!

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