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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Megarun 14

Well, where do you start? How about here?

183' in 46 seconds. Winner winner, chicken dinner.
Yes it is on two wheels

>>>>    <<<<

Check out at 41 seconds.

The crowds expressions are worth a thousand words

 While actually driving away from that beating, the drivers front wheel decided to separate from the jeep and
roll through the obstacle course, thus adding an extra obstacle.
The lug nuts holding the wheel spacers on, became loose ( check them if you have them.  loctitie and retorque them,)  backed out and stranded me in the middle of the main drag.
After getting new studs ( scout has weird sizes btw, has .625 knurl and .655  shoulder)
we discovered that the jeep studs went in, but could be knocked out easily, plus without the spacer, the tires rub the tie rod ends, So the weekend was over.

No other calamities to report really.

I installed some mid back bucket front seats and a free-to-me corbeau fold and tumble rear seat.
All were comfy.  I modified a cj7 fold forward seat mount to the passenger side, It worked great
until after this run I found the front of it was bent up a little.  Among the other problems, I will have to fix that

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