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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

tranny leak fix and top on

The tranny leak that plauged me for gallons of fluid got fixed.  It turns out the tv cable ( part that goes from tbi
on the engine to the transmission)
Was leaking at the tranny.  The gasket was half crushed instead of inserted in the pan.  1/2hr , $5 fix and no drips!

Winter is here... I spent about
An hour getting the top on for
The first time.  The garage hoist made it "easy".
Theres about 24 (8 front and 8 each rear side) 1/4" bolts to tighten it down & 2 - 5/16" nuts at the rear hatch.
I used epdm foam seal stuck on the
front top and all around the sides.
I found that the passenger side windshield needed to be strapped forward about 1/2" to line up the holes, the drivers side went on no problem.

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