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Monday, January 19, 2015

Replacing rear spring hangers and aal springs (new)

While driving the other day in the ROAD LEGAL Jeep, (yay- suck on that HOA!)
  I noticed that the tires chirped on right turns more than left turns.  I got under the Jeep and measured to make sure that I mounted the axle correctly on the leaf springs, - check. 
  Then I noticed that one spring shackle was almost straight up and down, and the other was canted about 30*.   So I turned my attention to the front hangers. 
  I started measuring from a fixed frame point to the bolts- oof.  The problem wasn't noticeable with a quick glance underneath, but the driver hanger was pushed up and back, and the passengers was down and forward.  5/8" on each side and 3/4" height difference from the frame.

drivers side

passengers side

I also put an add a leaf in the rear leaf pack in place of a spring that
took care of the spring wrap and makes it accelerate better.  I could go into
scientific stuff, but it just does.


  Going out to re measure the wheelbase I found the passenger side axle to be 1 1/2" forward of the stock 104" wheelbase.   That explains why it turned so good one direction. :)

So I'm cutting the weak original parts off and putting on a boxed, reinforced hanger up front.

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