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Saturday, October 13, 2012

First drive

Excuse me sir- may I borrow your forklift?

On the way over here the ride was very compliant- if it weren't for the flat spotted
super swampers and their noise- I'd say it was comfortable.  The chevy steering
is tight and had good road feel.  I need to adjust the transmission cable-
it doesn't kick down into second gear easily.

I started out slowly to see what would happen...

Then went up some more. 

There's 25" under the forks, if the jeep was on the
concrete with the lift it would come to 29"  After fender trimming
I think theres an easy 3 more inches of travel left.

Tactful fender trimming is in order- can't believe theres
enough room for a 36" tire to disappear into the fenderwell...

The jeep- unlike at megarun- was very stable when lifted.
Small extension brake lines are in order for the front.  Its fine when the front
axle only flexes, but the drivers
side was stretched taught, if it had a hole under the
tire, it will pull the brake hose off.
Here's the brake extension hoses
about 10" long.
Right after getting it all together, I pulled the jeep onto the driveway to clean up the garage
some.  When I hit the brakes on the driveway the pedal went to the floor!  crap.
The right front disks caliper seal blew out  and now I have to re bleed the system.
Oreilly auto warrantied the caliper at least.

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