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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Front AND rear shocks

If you would examine this-
Its the same shocks and setup.  Yes, the shocks survived being dragged all over hells half acre.
Gabriel shocks for the front of a full size blazer being used on the rear of the jeep.
THIS time- not being in a rush to finish I found that the upper shock mounts were too
far outward- they were moved in 2" each and the lower mounts were dropped to mid axle.
The shocks in this configuration are at just a bit less than half travel.  Fully compressed
they will be up above the spring u bolts.
The jeep has became a lot less jiggly in the rear and has lifted about 3/4" from this.

Same crossmember, shocks moved closer together.
---------------------------------------------- 12/31/12 Front shock mounts started...
Heres the towers laid on the side- I  taper-cut the gussets on the orange line.

f350 shock towers with "custom lift kit"
the lift kit is a bracket for the frame and some gussets

The shock tower was mounted using engine mount bolts.
 I had to trim into the inner fender a little to fit these due to the height.
The lower bolt is drilled through and welded on the spring perch. 
What is left on shock travel at rest is 5" compression and 8-9" downtravel.

New "tatton" front driveshaft should be here 1-3-13!!!
I'll give an update on that when it arrives- so far customer service has been good.

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