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Thursday, October 4, 2012

the missing link


Upper frame link mounts.  Started out life as a 1/4" wall square tubing.
Just when I thought everything was going great the drivers side exhaust
interfered with where the mount was supposed to go.
On the right is the modified bracket with a notch out of it.

Drivers side mount- mounted.

Passenger side mount

Upper tubes are .120 wall dom. 

Upper links mounted. 
Remember this?  Max droop with leafs. 

Afterwards, just moving one jack stand out of the way
and the rotor rests on the ground.
Tiny tim without his crutches.  Note- the degree finder that was on the axle
upper link bracket is still there. See 3 pictures up. 
Take it out before lifting the vehicle and trying to crush it between the harmonic
balancer and the axle . Yes, its still in one piece and functioning.

With the degree finder removed...The springs (thankfully)
support the vehicle pretty easily. There will be about 5" uptravel- it
will need bumpstops.

Onto the steering and brakes.

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